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06-08 November 2020

Best In Communication


  • Kanu Chandra, UCI
  • Henry Liu, UCI
  • Philip Truong, UCI
  • Advay Anand, UCI

Best In Gaming

Ice Wav

Virtual Reality Climbing Simulator
  • Logan D'Auria, RIT
  • Isaiah Lateer, RIT

Best Overall

Gid & Jay

  • Gideon Wikina, RIT
  • Jay Cazaubon, RIT

Honorable Mention


  • Deion Shallenberger, CSUN
  • Josh Magdaleno, CSUN
  • Tony Nguyen, CSUN
  • Karan Manghi, RIT

About The Event

IEEE and several other STEM clubs at CSUN are uniting to host the first 48-hour virtual Hackathon in which students will be able to create their own products and present them to representatives of different industries. Students will be able to learn from mentors and STEM-industry experts throughout the event. The Hackathon will give students opportunities to broaden their knowledge and their professional contact network as well as will provide an exciting environment through which new friends are made, bonding over new projects.

MataHacks will bring students and the STEM industry together, with new ideas for a brighter future for everyone. Students will have a chance to explore the world of interaction and communication in their own path. MataHacks will also benefit students by exposing them to various career opportunities that they might not have considered previously.

Event Venue

Event venue location is virtual


Event Schedule

Schedule '20

Event Speakers

Speaker 3

Jefferey Wiegley


Chair of Computer Science department. Computer Science/CIT faculty member for since 2002. Dot-Com Systems Administrator.

Eric Shen

Transportation Professional & Educator

Understanding the role of engineering in Marine Transportation System (MTS) & Intermodal Freight

Speaker 1

Kyle Dewey

Professor at CSUN

Dr. Dewey is a domain expert on automated software testing, particularly with testing programming language implementations like compilers and interpreters. Has has experience developing novel testing techniques, and has applied these techniques to testing and finding bugs in JavaScript interpreters, the Rust compiler, the Swift compiler, simulated processors, and SMT solvers.

Speaker 4

Levon Ostakaraian

Cybersecurity Specialist

Graduating with a BS for Computer Engineering, Levon works as a Cyber Security Specialist in the financial industry, focus on Threat Intelligence. He utilizes Python to develop tools and automate tasks to assist with getting the job done.

Speaker 5

Zachary Fogg

Zach 🔊 writes 🎶 code for 🐨 robots, and music ✨ for ❣️ you 🤖. @zfogg almost everywhere.

Speaker 6

Justin Brezhnev

Executive Director of Hacker Fund

Justin Brezhnev is an entrepreneur, activist, and nonprofit expert with a fiery passion for democratizing access to education. He has raised millions of dollars for social impact project and is currently the Executive Director of Hacker Fund.

Speaker 6

Yefim Vedernikoff

Mentor and Speaker of Hacker Fund

Frontend Software Engineer at Google

Ishmael Samuel

CTO and Cofounder of Paragon

Paragon, a venture backed software company based in Los Angeles that offers a low-code solution for building APIs, workflows, and product integrations in minutes. Paragon has raised $2.5m in funding and has executed millions of workflows on behalf of customers. Before starting Paragon, Ishmael founded CTRL LA and scaled it to over a $1 million ARR and has built numerous other products for Uber, Universal Studios, and dozens of other startups and corporations.

YC Wang

Global Academic Program Director at Digi-Key Electronics

Y.C. Wang brings many years of experience from the frontlines of technical support to applications engineering and now running a global program at a premier electronics distributor. Learn more about Digi-Key electronics here: https://www.digikey.com/




  • Participants (“hackers”) spend 48 hours working in teams of 1 - 4 people to build or code or design projects (“hacks”) that they’re excited about. There are workshops, mentors, and swag. You bring your ideas, and we give you everything you need to make them come to life.

  • Any college or university students are welcome to attend.

  • Hacks generally fall under one (or more) of the seven cortices: Web Development, Android, iOS, AI/ML, AR/VR, Game Development, and Hardware.

  • MataHacks encourages students of all levels to come! In addition, we will have workshops throughout the hackathon as well as mentors available to answer any questions.

  • Nope! We’ll have lots of resources including workshops and a sweet mentorship system to help beginners get started. We will also dedicate one room to new hackers and have several project ideas to help you get started.

  • Click on register and fill out the form. You will then receive a followup email from us with information about the hackathon.

  • Registrations will be evaluated on a rolling basis. Space fills up quickly, so apply early!

  • Register individually for now and include your teammates' emails in the 'anything else' question. We'll have a tool in the near future to get teams set up.

  • All teammates need to register, as well, because we will be able to send out emails to them and follow-ups for upcoming events.

  • The max size of a team is 4 members and a leader for a total of 5.

  • After entering and reading the rules on discord, you'll find the #find-a-team channel where you will be able to meet other participants and see the projects they are thinking of creating. If you have an idea, post it in the #find-a-team channel and if anyone wants to take part in it, they can reach out to you. Or if no one reaches out to you, you can join a team that you would like to work on.

    When you and a team are fully formed, the owner of the team can use the command .createteam to create a team with the bot @MATAHACKS, for example: ".createteam team name". The bot will create a role with that name and a category consisting of a voice/text channel only that role can see. To invite others into your team, the owner can use the .invite command, for example: ".invite @user @user @user". There is a max of 5 users that can be in a team.

  • We’ll be releasing decisions weekly soon after the registration opens.

  • We are a group of university students from CSUN, California State University, Northridge that are apart of different STEM clubs on campus that have come together to create this out of the goodness of our hearts.



Ariel Berkowicz

Lead Organizer
President, MataHacks
Community Coordinator, ACM


Alice Balayan




Vice President, MataHacks


Bishoy Abdelmalik

Webmaster, MataHacks


Jeovany J. Guillen

Webmaster, MataHacks


Joel Bailey

Webmaster, MataHacks
Webmaster, Tau Beta Pi


Max Hops

President, Layer 8


Nabeel Paracha

President, IEEE
Secretary, MataHacks


Alexander Cloutier-Nosik

Webmaster, ACM
Secretary, ACM


Joseph Masresha

Vice President, ACM
Discord Bot Dev


Joshua Kristanto

President, ACM


Nathan Gabriel

Event Coordinator, VEX Robotics
Vice President, ASME


Jason Nakhla

President, Tau Beta Pi
Treasurer, MataHacks



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